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Your Attitude and Success

Neil presented at the National Speakers Association and talked about challenges in life and how to overcome them. This is the last 5 minutes. Your life is your responsibility, so make the most of it every day!

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The 80/20 Principle Still Works IF You Work it.

The Best salespeople know the Pareto Principle but not everyone uses it to their best advantage. How well do you know your top 20%? I learned twenty important personal facts about mine and used that knowledge to strengthen relationships, gain dozens of personal introductions and grow my business. Relationships matter and the 80/20 Rule still applies.

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Sales Training

The Best sales people get better because they are constantly improving their sales skills. Consultative selling, learning how to sell to different personalities, listening skills, Communication skills and other area help the Best get Better! Wilson Learning and Allego lead the field in this area and are worth a look.

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Mentors and Coaches

The Best opportunities in my life and career came from my effort and open-mind when working with an experienced mentor or coach. They helped me qualify for the US Olympic Trials in 1984 and become a millionaire. Remember, I grew up on welfare!! Sometimes, you need a pro to get you on a fast track and avoid stumbling blocks like most people encounter as ‘do-it-yourselfers’ in life.

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Focus Helps You Succeed More Effectively

Focus will help you reach your goals much more quickly than those who act like a ship without a rudder and those who waste time worrying. When you wake up, you should know exactly what you want to accomplish that day. Focus on your goal and what steps you need to reach it.

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